Ministério do Turismo, Governo do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Secretaria de Estado de Cultura e Economia Criativa do Rio de Janeiro, Lei Estadual de Incentivo à Cultura, Prefeitura da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Secretaria Municipal de Cultura, Riotur e Cidade das Artes apresentam:


The festival for new talent from the music scene.

Festivalia | Rio2C

The Rio2C stages continue with a unique program to inspire a young audience and present the opportunities that the creative industry offers. April 30th and May 1st

Festivalia connects young people to leading companies and professionals in the creative industry. More than 200 workshops, workshops, masterclasses, keynotes and panels talk about the future and bring academia and industry closer.

Rio2C offers a network of relationships, mapping of new talents, mentoring, entertainment and even brings fans closer to their idols. The program also includes shows by new artists, a gastronomic area, gaming experiences, virtual and augmented reality, chats and various activations.


Festivalia | Rio2C
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