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The festival for new talent from the music scene.

Festivalia | Rio2C

Festivalia’s program invades Rio de Janeiro with many concerts, lectures, workshops and experiences.

Festivalia connects young people to the industry’s leading creative minds and offers unparalleled opportunities. It’s a unique chance to check out, for example, new talents and have access to new musical experiences.

Festivalia’s program includes music concerts, virtual reality experiences, lectures, chats, workshops with professionals from the creative industry and a behind-the-scenes meeting of fans with their idols.


Festivalia | Rio2C
Música | Festivalia | Rio2C


Artists from different parts of the country in exclusive shows.
Música | Festivalia | Rio2C
Palestras | Festivalia | Rio2C


A program with a lot of inspiration and networking.
Palestras | Festivalia | Rio2C
Festivalia | Workshops | Rio2C


If you want to grow in your career, nothing better than learning from the best.
Festivalia | Workshops | Rio2C
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