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Welcome to Latin America’s leading creativity and innovation event

The Experience

Get ready for the 2020 edition of Latin America’s leading creativity and innovation event

Picture this: in a single day, you learn about the creative process behind one of the most uncomfortably incredible series of recent times (Black Mirror – Charlie Brooker), feel your heart beat in a mimetic experience (BrainSpace), talk about flying cars, laboratory-grown meat, cannabis and psychedelics (Innovation), delve into a bit of hip hop with Marcelo D2, Baco Exú, Delacruz and Xamã, get to pitch a series you created to a Netflix decision maker (Audiovisual Pitching Series) and watch an unknown rapper (Rashid) perform live for an audience of music industry heavyweights who could change his future (PitchingShow). All this in just a few hours at an event that lasts six days.

This is Rio2C – an encounter for creative minds to discuss the future and improve the present. If you join us, you’ll be surprised by all the different things going on. If you don’t, you’ll be feeling FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)! Don’t miss your chance to experience Latin America’s leading creativity and innovation event.

Welcome to Rio2C.
Our mission is to Inform | Connect | Inspire

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+ R$ 257

million in economic

+ 25.000





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players nationals
and internationals


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+ 9

terabytes of
data trafficked

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