Ministério do Turismo, Governo do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Secretaria de Cultura e Economia Criativa, Lei Estadual de Incentivo à Cultura, Prefeitura da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Secretaria Municipal de Cultura apresentam:
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We are Rio2C

Latin America’s Leading Creativity and Innovation Event

We are the restless minds that seek the new and insist on doing differently.

We are the thoughts of all those who want to manifest themselves.

We are agreement, disagreement, but first of all, we are exchange.

We are the gathering of ideas that insist on reimagining the future.

We are the creativity that aims at the different and dares to transform ideas into action.

We are the innovation that revolutionizes the absolute and drives business.

We are the past, present and future.

We are information, inspiration, learning, relationship, business and entertainment.

We are connected through an event, a platform, an activation or any other format that we want to invent.

Nice to meet you, we are Rio2C.

Latin America’s Leading Creativity and Innovation Event.

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Future of Past: Conjugate Tomorrow

Rio2C, the largest meeting of creativity and innovation in Latin America, launches @Live, a content platform with unprecedented productions, in different formats to educate, entertain, inform, inspire, provoke, transform.



Make each moment a business opportunity

Take part in Rio2C One-to-One Meetings, Audiovisual and Startups Pitching Sessions and our PitchingShow®. Debates, business and networking opportunities with top-level national and international players.

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