Bruno Mendes

Bruno Mendes

Commercial and Marketing Direction – Grupo Ediouro

Bruno Mendes is from Pernambuco, Otto’s father and has been working with books and technology for two decades. Entrepreneur by nature, he is passionate about design, programming and good stories.

He believes he has a mission of gratitude towards books and the publishing market and makes an effort to contribute to the modernization and increase of productivity and profitability in the segment.

Bruno undertakes in and out of the publishing market, in addition to acting in some companies as an investor. He is a partner at PublishNews, the largest portal on the publishing and bookseller market in Latin America. He founded #coisadelivreiro, the first digital advertising and consulting agency fully dedicated to the publishing and bookseller segment, which serves large Brazilian publishers and retailers.

Bruno was also chosen as Brazil’s ambassador and representative at the world’s largest book fair in Frankfurt. In 2020, he became a partner at Distribuidora e Importada in Portugal and, in January 2023, he took over the Commercial and Marketing Department of the Ediouro group.