Summit: Creator Economy

A day of immersion in the world of influencers.

Summit Comunicação Digital / Creator Economy / Influência – Play 9

Unraveling Point C

Play9 – content development and audience expansion ecosystem for brands and influencers – brings in its Summit the concept that permeates all its areas of activity today and reflects the Zeitgeist of the current media, communication and digital/audiovisual production industry: the emergence of Point C.

The objective is to go deep in the expansion of thinking from the point of convergence in the search for the retention of people’s attention where we find the Cs of Creativity, Culture, Collaboration, Communities, Conversations, Consideration, Construction, Creators, Convergence, among many others. With broad approaches and debates in partnership with Rio2C, we will explore all themes from the perspective of building and strategic management of brands, influencers, platforms, reputation, media, data and performance, which transit within this universe and which are part of the day of Play 9 and the market.

See some of what happened in the 2023 edition

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