Summit Play 9 Creator Econmy

Influencers, Content and Technology: the Creator Economy Triad.

Inspired by the geometric structure of the Triangle, where three points connect to form a solid figure, the Creator Economy Triad establishes an interdependent relationship between digital creators, their content and the technological tools that drive them.

In this triangle, influencers represent one of the vertices, bringing with them their unique voice and their dedicated community. Content is the second vertex of this triad, acting as the central element in immersive narratives and innovative strategies. Finally, technology completes the Creative Triangle, providing the tools and platforms needed to effectively distribute and monetize influencer content.

At this Summit, we will dive deeply into this ecosystem of possibilities that has been part of Play9’s routine for more than 5 years. Let’s discover together how these three points intertwine to shape the future of communication and absorb the insights that the new economy brings us, to explore even more promising horizons.

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