Festivalia takes place over the weekend and is aimed at students, university students and young professionals eager for inspiration, information and networking. It connects young people to leading companies and executives in the creative industry. There are workshops, masterclasses, mentoring, keynotes and panels that talk about the future and bring academia and industry closer together. In addition to activations, experiences and shows.

  • Access to 1 of the Festivalia days (June 8th or 9th);
  • Access to the weekend’s content rooms that will welcome brilliant minds from the Creative Industry in Brazil and around the world) to discuss the future of different sectors: Architecture, Audiovisual, Science, Design, Editorial, Games, Education, Brands and Media, Music, Fashion, Lifestyle, ESG, Technology and much more;
  • Access to workshops and masterclasses taking place at Festivalia (some are subject to prior registration);
  • Access to the expo – activations / experiences / shows / food area during Festivalia day.


Age classification: 18 years old during the Conference and Market. And free classification during Festivalia, and minors under 14 must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

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