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The best connection for your idea to take off.

The Innovation Market aims to foster and provide connections to the National and International Creative Industry Innovation Ecosystem, becoming a reference in exponential growth for Startups.

We are looking for Impact Businesses, which are engaged with one or more of the 17 UN development goals (SDGs) and aligned with 6 tracks, giving the opportunity to professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking for news, business and networking.

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The Startups Pitching is an opportunity for early-stage creative economy entrepreneurs and startups to present their business with the aim of attracting investments and connecting with the ecosystem present at the event.

Startups that sign up for pitching will have the option of automatically signing up for Business Roundtables, which are individual 15-minute meetings.

Open sales. Up to 3X.

Open sales. Up to 3X.

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Open sales. Up to 3X.

Open sales. Up to 3X.

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Exclusive promotion for Banco do Brasil customers

Exclusive promotion for Banco do Brasil customers


Pitching Square

Pitching Square is the place of convergence between Creative Economy markets, boosting the ecosystem and connecting executives, startups, animation studios, musicians, aggregators, record labels and all players.

It is in the pitching square that new businesses are born, through opportunities such as business roundtables, market meetings, pitching sessions, mentorships, social lounges, happy hour and exclusive parties.

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