Rio2C promotes the Audiovisual industry with a complete platform that includes training, business, networking and content.


Put your project in the hands of those who decide. BUSINESS ROUNDS are exclusive meetings to present projects to major global players. The registration of the project also gives the opportunity to participate in PITCHING AUDIOVISUAL.

In 2023, there were 1,033 meetings in business roundtables.



In addition to Rounds and PITCHING AUDIOVISUAL, Rio2C offers creators the opportunity to transform their original work into feature films or series projects through PITCHING CREATOR and for authors to present their original works to players in the audiovisual and publishing market through PITCHING EDITORIAL.



Rio2C offers an exclusive space for the audiovisual segment – the BUSINESS HALL (exclusive access for the Industry and Players credential), promotes RELATIONSHIP EVENTS bringing together big names in the industry and also has an open space – the CREATOR LOUNGE – for meetings between players, authors, screenwriters and producers looking for connection and new opportunities.



Rio2C promotes a series of initiatives that contribute to the training of professionals in the Audiovisual area:

ONLINE MEETINGS: Present opportunities, tips and rules for Business Roundtables and Audiovisual Pitching.

MENTORING: Access to renowned professionals in the Audiovisual market who share their knowledge to boost careers and catalyze professional growth. A continuous learning environment with recognized industry leaders.

ITINERANT LABORATORIES: Jornada Criativa and Ponte Criativa are itinerant laboratories that aim to map the potential and vocation of Brazilian cities, identifying talent and training the creative industry in the Audiovisual, Entertainment and Entrepreneurship areas.


The SCREENING ROOM is the stage dedicated to industry themes. A stage that promotes debates on urgent and current themes in the Audiovisual industry.

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