Amanda Torraca

Amanda Torraca

Managing partner – Due Produções

Owner of DUE PRODUCOES. Her first production “Enjoying Rio” it´s in 89 countries in TV Channels as FOX, SONY and AMC. 

 In 2017 made a partnership with a TV Station to develop the industry in Central America. 

As a result of this partnership they are producing the first TV series that TV AZTECA INTERNATIONAL has made with a company outside of México. 

In 2019  created, produced and edited a reality show about rescue dogs that was sponsored by Royal Canin and MSD, shown in national Brasil Territory by open tv REDETV. 

In 2021, with the sponsorship of Unesco, Unfpa, UNDP, Pasmo, Hivos, Union Europea,  made her my first documentary feature.  

In 2022, he carried out the second season of the program Rescate Pet in co-production with Imagen Tv, sponsored by Pedigree and Ford.