Katia Mesel

Katia Mesel


Katia Mesel started in audiovisual in 1968, in 8mm, self-taught. She’s graduated in Architecture and Graphic Arts in 1970.

She made 20 films in Super 8. In 1981 she founded ARRECIFE Productions. Katia Mesel is the first PE filmmaker, for more than 50 years, and 300 films (screenplay, direction, production, art direction), on all platformsparticipates in numerous festivals, juries, curators, workshops, TV. 

She is the Brazilian filmmaker with more works performed, are on Canal Katia Mesel / Youtube. She is the first woman to participate in a Festival in Brazil, the 2nd Film Journey of Bahia-1973. President of ABD/PE, in 1994 and 1996, represents Cinema, in the Implementation Commission of SIC PE. 


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