Olinda Tupinambá

Olinda Tupinambá


Olinda Tupinambá, . She has produced and directed 10 works. She was the curator of several festivals and film exhibitions, including the Cine Kurumin Indigenous Film Festival (2020) and (2021) Mostra Lugar de Mulher é no Cinema (2020) and (2021) 1st Indigenous Film and Culture Festival – FeCCI 2022 Producer of two film exhibitions: Mostra Paraguaçu de Cinema Indígena (2017) and Amotara – Olhares das Mulheres Indígenas (2021). Co-author of Doc/Especial TV. You speak of Earth. Production: Estúdios Globo. Judging Committee for Notice No. 02/2022/Spcine – Production of low-budget feature films. State of São Paulo. Jury of the 24th International Environmental Film and Video Festival (2023).

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