Iafa Britz

Iafa Britz

Producer and Partner – Migdal Filmes

Iafa Britz is an audiovisual producer with more than 30 films and series in her career, having taken more than 40 million spectators to cinemas.

For Migdal Filmes she has produced projects like the trilogy of “Minha Mãe é Uma Peça” – a public phenomenon in Brazil – and the award-winning drama “Casa Grande”.

Iafa also produced “Irmã Dulce”, “Linda de Morrer”, “Nosso Lar” (co-production with Cinética Filmes), the musical documentary “Cássia Eller”, the acclaimed “M-8 – Quando a morte socorre a vida” (Netflix), and the comedies “Carlinhos e Carlão” and “Amarração do Amor” (Amazon Prime Video); in addition to the series “As Canalhas” (GNT); “220 Volts” (Multishow), and “Matches” (Warner Channel).

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