The Orchard

The Orchard is a full-service music distribution company operating in more than 45 cities worldwide. The Orchard's comprehensive artist & label services offering harnesses innovative technology, transparent data analysis, and expertise to reach fans and grow audiences. Offerings include digital and physical sales and marketing, advertising, brand partnerships, rights management, video monetization, collaborator splits and royalty accounting, publishing administration and more. Championed by an exceptional community of music lovers and experts, The Orchard empowers creators and entrepreneurs to grow and adapt in the dynamic, global industry. For further information, visit

Thiago Monteiro

Senior de A&R Manager

Phonographic producer with postgraduate degrees in Project Management, Financial Management, and an MBA in Business Management. He has been active in the music industry for over 15 years, starting his career in the distribution sector of ECAD. From there, he moved to the Royalties department of the record label and publisher Deck. During his time at Deck, he worked in Rights and Contracts before concluding his tenure as General Manager of the company. He then took on the challenge of becoming A&R in São Paulo for Warner Chappell, where he achieved significant contracts such as Mainstreet and Agroplay within a few years. Additionally, he played a key role in the acquisition processes of the Hitmaker and Deck publishing companies. Today, Thiago serves as A&R at The Orchard, focusing on the sustainable growth of this major company. Thiago has also participated as a speaker in private and government music events, as well as in courses and podcasts where he shares insights about the music industry.

Looking for:
• Strategic Partnerships • Talent/New Business Acquisition