We are a technology and digital intelligence company that has been serving Christian artists for 19 years, amplifying the reach of their songs and distributing a sound that nourishes. That's why we invest in the excellence of each project, in the development of innovative strategies, and in proprietary tools that make all the difference in the results of our artists. Here, we are a family! And we always seek to share the knowledge we have acquired throughout this journey through a close relationship with our associates, partners, and digital platforms. This way, we all grow together! https://onimusic.com.br/

Éliton Nascimento

Creative Director

Éliton Nascimento is a trained instrumentalist musician and a music marketing specialist with over 15 years of experience in the field. With extensive experience in the music market, Éliton has worked as Partnerships Manager at Spotify Brazil and as Artist Relations Manager at Youtube Music/Google. Currently, Éliton serves as the Director of Creative Business at Onimusic, a record label/distributor in the Brazilian Christian music segment.

Looking for:
• Strategic Partnerships