Kwai – Kuaishou Technology

Kuaishou serves to record and share videos taken by all users. “Authentic, Diverse, Beautiful and Beneficial” is our core value and everyone’s lives are worth recording. Our motto is to “embrace all lifestyles.” It is the foundation of our philosophy and guides our aspirations. We wish to help our users discover a vast world of content that expands their interests and horizons and resonates well with them. Short videos and live streams have enhanced user experience and social interactions on our platform. Given the nature of our content, social connections and engagement based on common interests occur naturally. As a result, our platform fosters a vibrant ecosystem for users and businesses to interact on the basis of our deep and diverse content base.

Claudine Bayma

Managing Director of Kwai Brazil

With over 25 years of international experience as a marketing and new business executive, Claudine has led teams and agencies in different countries at major companies in the digital media and entertainment industry such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Television, Discovery Networks, and Rede Globo. She currently serves as the General Director of Kwai Brazil, overseeing the entire company's operations in the region.'