Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is Latin America’s top international tourist destination.

With 1,200 square kilometers of breathtaking views set between the mountains and the sea, parts of the city have been designated World Heritage by UNESCO.

Aside from being one of Brazil’s economic, cultural and financial centers, Rio is an important innovation and entertainment hub. Rio2C fulfills the city’s vocation by trailblazing new forums for debate and spearheading encounters between creative industry sectors.



Experience the beauty of the beaches and take the opportunity to discover one of the most famous in the world: Copacabana beach.


Tours to world-renowned tourist attractions such as Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain. Enjoy the wonderful city.


Be sure to experience the integration between nature and the city. Two beautiful places are the Botanical Garden and Parque Lage. Perfect for the family outing.

In addition to the beaches, the most popular tourist attractions and parks, Rio de Janeiro has a vast gastronomic area, museums, free attractions and much more.

To learn more about attractions and get tips on accommodation, visit the Riotur website.

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