Amazing tips from renowned professionals in the creative industry.​

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Dialogues, the third content on the @Live platform, is a series of conversations with professionals in the creative industry.

We will have big national and international names in the audiovisual, innovation and music markets. In exclusive interviews, these professionals share experiences and present success stories.

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Imagem | Diálogos vem ai | Rio2C

The video audio is in Portuguese, but you can activate the subtitle in English, or other languages, following these steps: • Activate the auto caption clicking on the button besides the configuration icon:

Step 1

• Then, click on the configuration icon that will open a small screen, then click on Legendas/CC:

Step 2

• Another small screen will open, and you need to click on Traduzir automaticamente, then choose the language.

Step 3

Audiovisual Dialogues

Conversations with big names in national and international audiovisual. Check out the tips. Just play!

Innovation Dialogues

Conversations about entrepreneurship, business and networking. Check out the tips. Just play!

Music Dialogues

Conversations about the challenges of an independent record label, about relationship strategies with public authorities, brands and artistic content, among others. Check out the tips. Just play!

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