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The “Future of Past” is a serie with 8 episodes that revisited the technologies and trends addressed in previous editions of the Rio2C face-to-face event, in an attempt to understand how prepared we were for this new reality accelerated by the pandemic.

Watch below all the episodes!

Future of Past: Conjugate Tomorrow


The video audio is in Portuguese, but you can activate the subtitle in English, or other languages, following these steps: • Activate the auto caption clicking on the button besides the configuration icon:

Step 1

• Then, click on the configuration icon that will open a small screen, then click on Legendas/CC:

Step 2

• Another small screen will open, and you need to click on Traduzir automaticamente, then choose the language.

Step 3

Episode 1: Hi, I’m here to dominate

Addressing the theme of artificial intelligence, the episode “Hello, I’m here to dominate” will show how this technology impacts the future of work, agriculture, science and medicine.

Episode 2: Conquer me if you can

Your brand tells a fact, the new generation decides if it will become history. The relevance of your content will depend on your ability to decipher our fluid behavior. Do you want to meet me?

Episode 3: The bit that became a hit

Your bank will be virtual and the wallet will fit in your pocket. Are you prepared to know what the future of your money will be? Do you have any idea how blockchain, fintech and cryptocurrencies work? Then “The Bit That Became a Hit” is for you.

Episode 4: We’ll Hack You

Big Data and Machine Learning are technologies that will make decision making more strategic. Want to understand how our behavior generates data and how companies use that data to influence our behavior? Check out episode 4 of the Future of Past “We’ll Hack You”.

Episode 5: Are you the professional of the Future?

You will have to choose what problem you want to solve and no longer what career you want to pursue. If you stop studying, you’ll be in the past. Are you a strong candidate? Find it out!

Episode 6: Sit down, here comes the story

Today we are all content creators, but among so many creators, what turns a narrative into a relevant story? Find it out!

Episode 7: Teach for Tomorrow

The Education of the Future has arrived! The skills to stay in the job market are not the same and you need to be prepared to learn creative problem solving.

Episode 8: Smart Cities and Society 5.0

Have you ever heard of Smart Cities? See how technology can benefit the well-being and quality of life of a city’s population.
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