Azusa Maruyama

Director / Producer, NHK Enterprises

NHK Enterprises, inc.


07/06/2024 06/06/2024

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Azusa Maruyama is a Japanese TV director/producer who makes programs both in English and Japanese, covering various factual genres including current affairs, nature, history, culture and music. Her recent work include "Mirador" a unique travelogue where mesmerizing nature, traditional culture, and field recording technique magically meet beatboxing; and "Welcome to the World of Dementia", an "uplifting" anime-docu factual to show the experiences told by the people with dementia. She won the Best Emerging Director Award at 2023 ATP Television Grand Prix for directing "Welcome to the World of Dementia". She is a music enthusiast, and plays various instruments from Irish bagpipes to samba drum.