For its final two days, Rio2C welcomes a larger public for a series of attractions. The program includes seminars, chats and workshops with professionals from the creative industry, meet & greets for fans with their idols, as well as Festivalia, the XR Arcade, Gamethon and Maker Marathon.

festivalia The biggest encounter of Brazilian independent musical festivals

Be part of Brazil’s top music festivals and enjoy two massive days of shows. On the Rio2C Main Stage, Festivalia features a line-up of the most promising emerging artists and bands to grace the stages of independent music festivals from across the country.


Different spaces featuring conversations with creative industry professionals, panels, workshops, launches, behind the scenes, meet & greets for fans to connect with their idols.

xr arcade

An immersion in virtual,
augmented and mixed realities.

Content produced
by world-renowned studios.


A journey into knowledge, where creators and programmers develop projects focussed on resignifying objects, subverting their common uses to find them new functions.