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There will be 12 themes presented by the most creative and innovative minds in the market in 3 days of lots of content. April 27th, 28th and 29th

BrainSpace Icatu

Conferência BransSpace Icatu | Rio2C

Where creativity and science converge

The BrainSpace is dedicated to exploring the secrets of the brain. A place to be intrigued, curious, apprehensive and even emotional with the latest neuroscientific findings. When thoughts find thinkers, what ensues are thought-provoking debates on the inner workings of the human brain, and new opportunities to fathom the full gamut of mental functions – from decision-making processes to the creativity expressed in arts, science and technology.


Some themes from the BrainSpace at Rio2C 2019:
Conscience| Neurobiology & Culture | Decision-making Processes | Brain & Narrative | Brain & Music | Mindfulness & Creativity| Neuroscientists | Fear & Anxiety | Alzheimer & Memory | Creativity & Depression | Brain & Learning

Coming soon – the Rio2C 2022 program.

Conferência BransSpace Icatu | Rio2C
Conferência | Casa das Marcas | Rio2C

House of Brands

The House of Brands is the meeting hub for creative directors, copywriters, planners, producers, screenwriters, influencers, artists and executives from the marketing, media and entertainment industries.

Top market specialists explore and explain the intersection between advertising, marketing and entertainment, and forecast the future of marketing and communication.

Some themes from the House of Brands at Rio2C 2019:

Artificial Intelligence | Maker Culture | Games & eSports | Influencers | Diversity | Social Good | Music | VR/AR/MR | Publishing | Licensing | Streaming | Storytelling

Coming soon – the Rio2C 2022 program.

Conferência | Casa das Marcas | Rio2C
Conferência | Story Village | Rio2C

StoryVillage (New)

Beyond books

A special area for the publishing industry, uniting narratives, ideas and innovation. The Storyvillage features an Ideas Forum with authors, illustrators, editors, agencies and startups | Debates about what opportunities new technologies bring to the market | Story Pitching Sessions for the audiovisual industry | a Collaborative Area for exhibitions, sales and presentations, welcoming publishing houses with new market visions.

Coming soon – the Rio2C 2022 program.

Conferência | Story Village | Rio2C
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