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Rio2C Announcement

Rio2C was born from the desire to promote meetings, build bridges, and generate connections to exchange experiences, ideas, and businesses, instigating and promoting creativity and our unique capacity to innovate.

Today, this pandemic that affects everyone and in all corners of the world forces us to rethink what is perhaps our greatest strength – the ability to bring people together.

As frustrating as this reality may be, it has not stopped us. It is in this extreme scenario of social isolation that the role of creative activities in the well-being of our society becomes even more evident. We now see how important music, movies, and series, books, and games are to keep our mental balance and help us stay healthy during this dark period.

On the one hand, the crisis shows the relevance of our sector. On the other, it reveals our fragility as an industry. We understand that this scenario further reinforces the purpose of Rio2C’s existence and the urgency to inform, inspire, and connect the market. Together we are stronger.

Within this context, we have been working tirelessly (from home) to adjust to this new reality such a complex event, which has more than 2,500 speakers, players, and producers from 46 countries confirmed for the 2020 edition. Not to mention the 1,500+ one-to-one meetings and the hundreds of pitching sessions, shows, and workshops already scheduled.

Thus, during these pasts few weeks, we have adopted two lines of action. One focused on defining a new date for the event, trying as far as possible to align and tune all the variables related to the postponement. The other focused on developing digital solutions to keep people connected during isolation, with the same excellence of our face-to-face events.

As a result of this work, we were able to mobilize partners, speakers, and players to launch Rio2C @LIVE, an initiative that aims to keep Rio2C “on the air” throughout May.

We are resilient, and our love for the art of creating and innovating will allow us to deliver an even better event when the right time comes. This hard period will be over soon, but for now, join us at Rio2C @LIVE.

Stay safe. Stay home. Stay connected

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