We live in a world in motion,

A world in development,

A world in progress while we sleep.

Since the emergence of Homo Sapiens, this world is in constant acceleration.

This indomitable evolution that we, human beings, have created

Today it worries us,

Today it urges us to evolve
at the same rate.

It no longer allows us to stand still.

We need constant information,

We need constant inspiration,

We need constant connection.

From fire to the wheel, from machines to computers,

Every process of change, of evolution, of innovation, starts with an idea.

And idealization, intuition and inventiveness are part of an essentially human sphere – creativity.

In a world where hard labor, mundane tasks
and repetitive activities will be dominated by machines,

Creativity will be our future.

In this new world where innovation becomes
a matter of survival,

Creativity is what sets us apart from the rest

To create is to be human!

Welcome to Rio2C, the leading event of
creativity and innovation in Latin America.