When will the event be held?

- Summit Media & Message: April 23, 2019, 02:00pm to 06:00pm.

- Market (One-to-One Meetings): April 23 to 26, 2019, 10:00am to 06:00pm.

- Conference: April 24 to 26, 2019, 8:30am to 8:00pm.

- Festivalia: April 27 and 28, 2019, 11:00am to 11:00pm.

What it Rio2C - Rio Creative Conference?

Latin America's largest creativity meeting, Rio2C brings together in the same ecosystem, professionals with different skills, cultures, ideas and backgrounds, thus creating a very multidisciplinary and diverse environment, essential for innovation processes.

Every year, creators, businesspeople and audiovisual professionals from the music, media and technology industry come together in Rio de Janeiro for 6 days of learning, networking, business and fun. In addition to anticipating and reflecting on market trends and dynamics, above all, Rio2C aims to encourage and foster connection between different sectors.

Is RioContentMarket over?

No, it is now part of Rio2C – Rio Creative Conference.

What is the Rio2C Conference?

The Conference covers 12 content areas, with the attendance of the biggest creators and renowned national and international professionals of the creative industry, who speak in keynote sessions and panels, addressing pressing issues for the audiovisual, music, innovation, games and brands sectors. Enjoy the presence of brilliant minds and understanding their creative processes over a period of three days (4/24 to 4/26) of immersion.

What is the SUMMIT by Media & Message at Rio2C?

The Summit, co-curated with Media & Message, will be held on April 23 and address the understanding of how brands strengthen their values and get closer to consumers through content. The latest market trends will be discussed in panels with executives, advertisers, creatives, scriptwriters, influencers, media executives and producers.

What is the Rio2C Market?

With over 1000 national and foreign companies, the Rio2C Market is for those looking to do business and networking. Audiovisual, music and innovation professionals may present their projects and meet ideal partners to roll them out. For three days, the event brings together people who produce, buy and distribute content, products or services. Rio2C Market encompasses the One-to-One Meetings, Audiovisual Pitching sessions, Riogaleão Pitching Show® and Startup Pitching.

What are the One-to-One Meetings?

The One-to-One Meetings bring over 400 national and international audiovisual sector players to the event, offering the opportunity for content production companies to present their projects through a proprietary matchmaking system and individual meetings scheduled throughout the four days the Market is on (April 23 to 26, 2019).

Any legal entity previously registered in Rio2C | RioContentMarket 2019 in the categories INDUSTRY or INDUSTRY+ may submit their projects to the One-to-One Meetings, in the period between December 17, 2018 and January 17, 2019.

Every legal entity previously registered in the categories INDUSTRY or INDUSTRY+ may submit up to 3 (three) projects and each project may be sent to up to 5 (five) players. In case a legal entity chooses to submit just 1 (one) project, it may be sent to up to 15 players. The scheduled meetings will be published by March 22, 2019. Each meeting will have a maximum duration of 20 minutes.

Buying accreditations and submitting projects to the One-to-One Meetings does not ensure that meetings will be arranged, as the projects are selected at the sole discretion of the players.

For further information on the One-to-One Meetings: [email protected]

What is the Audiovisual Pitching Session?

It is the opportunity to pitch a project to an audience made up of national and international buyers. Divided in 3 categories - Documentary, Fiction and Kids - the audiovisual pitching session has a selection and debating panel, made up by renowned market professionals. In addition, it will offer a masterclass on how to do a good pitch. In order to take part, the proponent must have a Industry or Industry+ accreditation and submit their project to the One-to-One Meetings between December 17, 2018 and January 17, 2019. Before submitting the project to be assessed by players, the proponent has to select the item 'YES' on "Do you wish to take part in the selection process for the Rio2C Audiovisual Pitching sessions - RioContentMarket 2019?". In case the project is selected, the event's curatorship will get in touch with the production company.

What is the Business Hall?

The Rio2C 2019 Business Hall is a new, an exclusive space for audiovisual professionals, in a privileged area at Cidade das Artes. The new area may only be accessed by Industry or Industry+ accreditation holders. It offers a big lounge for networking, with the aim of promoting the highest interaction between content producers and industry executives. One-to-One Meetings will be held at the Business Hall, as well as the Audiovisual Pitching session. Private rooms for sponsors and exhibitors make up the rest of the space.

What it is the RioGaleão Pitching Show®?

It is an opportunity for Brazilian artists and bands to perform to a Music Commission - made up of renowned industry professionals -, with the aim of generating business. By registering free at rio2c.com, you may send your material and could become one of the 16 artists/bands selected by the RIO2C curatorship. Each Pitching Show will last 30 minutes.

Applications for the Pitching Show can be made online and free of charge, from January 21, 2019 to February 21, 2019. The result will be published on the event's social networks on March 25, 2019.

What is the Startup Pitching?

It is a Rio2C platform aimed at bringing STARTUPS and investors closer together. In all, 18 projects, will be selected. They will be divided into 06 themes and 03 will be selected for each theme.

1. MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT education; gamification, video platform; publicity; social media, VR/AR.

2. BUSINESS OPTIMIZATION: Internet of Things (IoT); SaaS/PaaS; Artificial Intelligence (AI); collaborative economy; e-commerce; cybersecurity; businessintelligence – data (value generation in data).

3. FINTECH: blockchain/crypto; insurance tech; investments; payments; banking; investment robots.

4. THE NEW SOCIETY: construtech, smartcities, real estate market, clean technology, social and environmental sustainability; wide access to technology; public policies; social issues; innovation system; family services; community.

5. HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: diagnosis; computer visioning for diagnosis; health tech, artificial intelligence devices for health, wellness and mindfulness; biotech.

6. FOOD: agritech, foodtech (personalized diets, genetic diets, functional food,); farmtech; innovation in restaurants and supermarkets.

Applications for the Startup Pitching session are free and can be done online, between March 11 and 29, 2019. The result will be published on the event's social networks on April 8, 2019.

What is the Expo?

Expo is the new area for the showcasing of Brazilian startups in the field of games, animation, audiovisual, VR/AR, different apps, in addition to brand activations and experience.

What is the Rio2C Festivalia?

Over the weekend, Festivalia plays host to creativity and innovation enthusiasts, particularly university students, secondary education students and young professionals.

The audience gets up close and unveils the creative industry through workshops and lectures with renowned professionals from the audiovisual, music and innovation sectors, in addition to being exposed to experiences like chats with market leaders. Furthermore, the exhibition area will play host to showcases from games, audiovisual and virtual reality companies, as well as startups.

XR Arcade is the event's Virtual Reality festival, with a variety of formats - AR, MR, on-site, remote, individual, collective and multidisciplinary VR, touching several areas: art, games, sensory cinema, experimental theater, medicine and education. With films that have been a hit at festivals, Brazilian productions and innovative scripts, the XR Arcade provides interactivity in different formats, non-linear and experimental content, in addition to promoting empathy with documentaries that create face-to-face memories and profoundly connect spectators with the theme.

Food Truck is a trip through Brazilian and international gastronomy.

When will be the event's program be available?

The event's program will be published in March, 2019.

Does the event have any age restrictions?

Age restrictions: 18 during the Conference & Market (April 23 to 26, 2019). No restrictions during Festivalia (April 27 and 28, 2019). However, under fourteens must be accompanied by parents or legal guardians.

What are the differences between accreditation and tickets?

Accreditation provides access to activities of the Conference & Market, while tickets are for the Festivalia.


SUMMIT by Media & Message - April 23, 2019

- a whole day immersion in the universe of brands and content, in exclusive sessions with advertisers, creatives, influencers, artists, producers and brand and channel executives.

INDUSTRY + = Summit, Conference, Market and Festivalia

- Rio2C's most complete accreditation, with all Industry's benefits and access to the 06 days of the event.

INDUSTRY = Conference and Market

- unrestricted access to the Conference and Market, networking with the most renowned professionals in the world's creative industry, submission of projects for the One-to-One Meetings (Audiovisual) and access to the Business Hall.

CREATOR+ = Summit, Conference, Market and Festival

- all benefits in the Creator accreditation, with access to the event's 6 days.

CREATOR = Conference and Market

- secures a unique opportunity of seeing the trends and dynamics from the audiovisual, music and innovation markets watching the most renowned global creative industry professionals. Access to the 03 days the Conference and Market are on.

FESTIVALIA = April 27 and 28, 2019

- find out what is going on in the backstage of the creative industry, watch workshops by renowned professionals, experience the latest XR news and enjoy shows of the Brazilian music scene over the weekend.

Do BRAVI member companies have discount on the purchase of accreditation?

Yes, BRAVI members may buy up to 5 accreditations, with a 30% discount, based on the amount charged on the price list in force on the date purchase is made. The discount is valid using the associated company's CNPJ (Enterprise's National Registration Number).

In order to validate your discount, just include the coupon sent to your e-mail, insert it in the field PROMOTIONAL CODE, select accreditation, accept the rules and click on the 'buy' button.

Each participant will buy their own accreditation, as they are personal and may not be transferred. A piece of ID with photo will be required when picking up accreditations at the accreditation points.

In order to qualify for the discount, the associated company must be a regular BRAVI member, when the accreditation is purchased and picked up.

How may I join BRAVI?

Please, get in touch with them through e-mail: [email protected]

How may non-BRAVI members acquire accreditation?

Accreditations are open at the following website: www.rio2c.com/en/ingressos

Participants, be them legal persons or legal entities, must register through the event's website, www.rio2c.com/en and fill out the forms with the required information. They are liable for the veracity and content of the information provided.

Payment Types:

Payment may be made by:

  • Credit card – in one-off payment or in installments.
  • Bank Payment Slip - bank payment slips will be issued until April 15 (fifteen), 2019. After which, payment will have to be made via credit card.

*** If the bank payment slip has to be issued on behalf of a legal entity, please inform the company's name when you register.

Cancellation policy:

In case of regretting the purchase, refund of the ticket will be made if the request is put through at the most 7 (seven) days after the purchase was made and as long as the refund request is made at the most 48 (forty-eight) hours before the event's starting time. This request must be made via the e-mail: [email protected]

  • In case you have not received the registration e-mail, you may access it at any time using your account on the Rio2C website, or by getting in touch with us on [email protected]
  • Rio2C may not be held liable for tickets purchased at non-official sales points.


  • Transfer of ownership will be accepted up to 48 (forty-eight) hours before the start of the event, through e-mail: [email protected]

General information

  • Registration is personal (nominal). An original official document with photo will be required to validate ownership, as well as the printed or online ticket in order to verify ownership.
  • The RIO2C - RIO CREATIVE CONFERENCE may be filmed, recorded or photographed at the discretion of the event's production team, for later publishing, broadcasting, rebroadcasting, reproduction or advertising on TV, cinema, radio, internet, publicity and/or any other media outlet. By acquiring a accreditation for the event, you are authorizing the use, free of charge, of your image, name and voice in the terms herein mentioned, without limited to or characterizing misuse and/or any other personal rights violation. You also agree that this use will not incur any burden and/or indemnity nationally or internationally.
  • The application will only be confirmed if the credit card payment is authorized or when the bank payment slip has been cleared.
  • Taking part in the event’s activities is subject to the capacity of each room.
  • The price of the accreditations does not include transport, lodgings and/or food expenses.
  • The event's program may incur changes, without the need to previously warn participants.
  • We would like to request that you check your company’s/entity’s antispam policy to ensure that you receive all our e-mails.

Will there be Half-Price tickets?

Half-price tickets will be made available for the Festivalia, which is open to the general public.

About the half-price ticket benefit

Half-price tickets are a compulsory benefit in educational, sport, leisure and entertainment events. This obligation does not apply to the Conference, as it is a professional event, aimed at doing business and the market.

The right to half-price tickets is guaranteed by federal and regional law. Federal law covers the whole of the national territory, while regional law has its effectiveness restricted to the territory where it was passed. Federal laws currently in force ensure the benefit of half-price tickets for people over 60, students, people with disabilities and young people from a low income background, between the ages of 14 and 29. People entitled to the benefit due to regional law, vary according to the state of municipality where such legislation is in force.

When entering the event, those entitled to half-price tickets, must present documentation that proves they are entitled to the benefit, in accordance to the legislation in force.

Half-price Law

Federal Law No 12933/2013, also known as the Half-Price Ticket Law, guarantees the benefit of paying half-price for students, people with disabilities and young people from a low income background, between the ages of 15 and 29.

Only students in basic and higher education qualify for the benefit, as according to provisions made in Title V of law 9,394 from 12.20.1996. The law does not extend the benefit the other courses, like foreign language and computing.

People with disabilities and where necessary, their companions, are entitled to the benefit. Young people, between 15 and 29, whose monthly family income is of no more than 2 minimum wages, as long as enrolled in the Federal Government's Single Social Program Registry, mas buy tickets with 50% discount.

The right to the half-price tickets benefit is guaranteed in 40% (forty per cent) of the total number of tickets available for each event.

Click here for more information on Half-Price Ticket Law, the Decree that regulates it, State Law (RJ) 3364/2000 and Municipal Law (Rio de Janeiro) 3424/2002.

What are the official Rio2C 2019 hotels?

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Booking may be made with Rio2C's official travel agency, Promotional Travel, through link: https://rio2c-2019.bukly.com/

Vogue Square Fashion Hotel by Lenny Niemeyer Hotel
Booking may be made with Rio2C's official travel agency, Promotional Travel, through link: https://rio2c-2019.bukly.com/

Where is Rio2C going to take place?

The event will be held at the Cidade das Artes complex (Av. das Américas 5300 - Barra da Tijuca). The complex was designed by French architect Christian Portzamparc.

How do we get to Cidade das Artes*?

By taxi or public transport.

By bus: get off at the Terminal Alvorada and take the underpass, which will come out inside Cidade das Artes.

By metro + BRT: get off at Estação Alvorada and take the underpass, which will comet out inside Cidade das Artes.

Entrance access: Av. das Américas - towards Recreio dos Bandeirantes or through Mergulhinho da Av. das Américas, towards the South Zone.

* There will be no parking at the venue.

What about taxis, Uber and other transport apps?

They will be allowed in only for boarding and alighting, through Gate 1 (Av. das Américas).

Does the site offer accessibility for wheelchair users?

Yes. Cidade das Artes has access ramps and elevators, space in the rooms and special bathrooms, as well as guidance constantly provided by the reception team. In 2014, the Municipal Secretariat of People with Disabilities awarded the Cidade das Artes complex, with the certificate to register its participation in the ACCESSIBLE RIO Project.

Will there be a food court at the event?

Yes, the event will have a gastronomy festival, with food trucks, several cafes, food bikes and restaurant.