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Rio Creative Conferences Ltda. – CNPJ/ME 26.079.220/0001-46

Rua dos Oitis, 48 – Gávea – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

The Additional Terms of Service hereunder are applicable to all private individuals and legal entities who have acquired tickets to the Rio2C 2022 Event through the official means provided by the Rio2C Team, Inti ( and Rio2C’s official website (, as well as to all those who have been granted tickets directly from Rio2C Team or Rio2C Official Sponsors under courtesy or marketing activity purposes. The Additional Terms of Services hereunder are complementary to Rio2C’s Privacy Policy (, and Inti’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service made available at its official website.


1.1. All participants, both private individuals and legal entities, shall complete their registration via the online form (, assuming sole responsibility for the content and correctness of all the information inserted.

1.2. Festivalia tickets have the benefit of the 50% ticket price discount granted, according to Federal Laws nº 12.933/13, nº 10.741/03, and Rio de Janeiro State Law nº 3.364/00, to:

People under 21 years old;
People over 60 years old;
Mentally and physically impaired people and their assistants; and
People between 15 and 29 years old with low income

1.3. All conditions for the use of the benefit of the ticket discount must be fulfilled at the time of the ticket purchase and at the time of entry in the Event, under penalty of losing the right to enter the event. If the benefit is not proven, the carrier shall have the right to supplement the payment of the ticket at its full value, in order to ensure their access to the Event.


2.1. Payment for registration can be made via:

Credit card – payment in full or in installments (installments for Brazilian credit cards only);

Bank slip – Bank slips can be issued until April 19th, 2022. After this date, all payments must be made via credit card.

2.2. If you require your bank slip to be issued to a legal entity, please inform company details when you complete your online registration.


3.1. If you wish to cancel your purchase, the price of the ticket will be reimbursed only if both criteria below are fulfilled, in accordance with the applicable law:

The request is made within a 7 (seven)-day period from the date of purchase; and

The request is made up to 48 (forty-eight) hours before the Event commences.

3.1.1. All requests must be made via the e-mail: [email protected].

3.2. In the event that you do not receive your registration confirmation via e-mail, you can access your account at any time via Inti’s website, or get in touch with Rio2C Team via: [email protected].

3.3 Further information can be found in our online FAQ section (

3.4. Rio2C does not take responsibility for any tickets purchased at non-official venues.


4.1. Registration is personal (nominative). To retrieve your Rio2C pass, you must present an original photo ID and your ticket (printed or digital).

4.2. The Rio2C program is subject to changes without prior notice caused by the need for attractions rearrangement, cancelling of one or more attractions by speakers/artists/partner’s own fault or by reason of force majeure. Rio2C will not refund tickets for these cases.

4.3. The Rio2C Conference (April 27th to 29th, 2022) is suitable for 18 years and over. Festivalia(April 30th to May 01th, 2022) is suitable for all ages, though minors (14 years and under) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

4.4. It is strictly forbidden to sell, offer, supply, serve, dispense, deliver or allow, even if free of charge, the consumption of alcoholic beverages by people under 18 years old. Those who violate this rule will be held accountable for criminal conduct with penalty of detention of 2 to 4 years and a fine (according to Federal Law No. 8.069/90, Sections 81 and 243, as amended by Federal Law No. 13.106/2015).

4.5. According to State Prosecution Ministry instructions, we inform that the stay of children under 5 years old in the Event after 10pm is not recommended, even if they are accompanied by parents or legal guardians. This rule will be enforced by the competent authorities.

4.6. All participants to the Event, including those under 18 years old, must always carry an original photo ID, which may be solicited for inspection by members of the Rio2C Team or by police authorities for proof of age and legal guardian.

4.7. The Event may be filmed, recorded or photographed at the sole discretion of the Event organizers for future publication, transmission, retransmission, reproduction or broadcasting via TV, cinema, radio, internet, advertising and/or any other communication vehicle. By acquiring a Rio2C ticket, you authorize the use of your image, name and voice without restriction, without being characterized as a violation of any rights relating to personality, and without incurring any onus or necessary compensation.

4.8. Confirmation of registration in the Event is subject to payment authorization by your credit card provider or confirmation that your bank slip has been processed.

4.9. Participation on Rio2C activities is subject to the accommodation capacity of the rooms.

4.10. The price of the Rio2C ticket does not include any transportation, accommodation or food and drinks expenses.

4.11. Please check the anti-spam policy of your company/organization to be able to receive all Rio2C e-mail communication.

4.12. It is strictly prohibited to copy, republish, download, transmit, modify, commercialize, distribute, record, license, sublicense, or create any derivative work based on any content delivered by Rio2C as part of the Event without prior express and written consent, subject to all legal remedies available to Rio2C and/or the applicable rightsholder(s) of the content at issue.

4.13. It is prohibited to use any device, software, internet site, web-based service, or other means to remove, alter, bypass, avoid, interfere with, or circumvent any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights explored or exhibited during the Event.

4.14. Rio2C is not responsible for damages caused by physical injury, damage to property, damage to intellectual property, and other losses or damages during or related to the Event, including health risks involved by exposure to COVID-19. Rio2C, its managers, representatives, suppliers, contractors and employees are exempt from any responsibility related to your participation in the Event, including liability for negligence, except in cases of gross, voluntary and intentional negligence or action.


5.1. The Event’s opening and closing hours will vary in accordance with the respective date. Accreditation services will always start 1 (one) hour before the opening of the gates to the public and will be closed at the same time as the gates’ closing. The Event’s official schedule will be available at the Rio2C website.

5.2. For safety reasons, the entry in the Event with objects that may represent danger to the public will not be permitted, such as:

Glass bottles;


Fire weapons and melee weapons of any kind (knifes, penknives, etc.);

Chairs and stools;

Pointy or sharp objects;

Fireworks, explosive devices, flares and incendiary apparatus of any kind;

Beverages in glass containers;

Skateboard, bicycle or any type of motorized or not vehicles;

Styrofoam containers, cooler or any kind of storage utensil;

Selfie stick (extender to take self-portraits);

Items that can be used for ambush marketing;

Poisonous and/or toxic substances, including illegal drugs;

Banners or posters containing messages or symbols with commercial disclosures.

5.3. Access with food that is intended to be commercialized or which may pose security risks will not be permitted.

5.4. The bearer of the ticket must undergo inspections and removal of the unauthorized objects at the entrance of the Event.

5.5. The bearer of the ticket agrees to to comply with the safety and hygiene guidelines issued by the competent authorities, including, without limitation, by the City of Rio de Janeiro, the Rio de Janeiro State and Federal Government.

5.6. Entry or permanence in the Event of any person demonstrating violent behavior, aggressivity, any behavior contrary to the public order or refusing to dispose of unauthorized objects will not be permitted.

5.7. Pets are not allowed in the Event, except for properly identified guide dogs that aim to aid visually impaired participants.

5.8. Smoking is forbidden in any partially or completely closed spaces in the Event, as determined by Federal Law No. 5.517/2009. Offenders will be subject to fines and be asked to leave the Event.

5.9. Participants whose actions are contrary to the Terms of Service hereunder may have entry declined or be accompanied to the police or judicial authority on the premises, besides having their respective tickets canceled without refund, without prejudice to being held accountable for any damages caused.

5.10. Possible declarations of invalidity or ineffectiveness or the non-applicability of any of the provisions contained in this Term of Service by the competent court does not invalidate the validity or effectiveness of the other provisions established hereunder.

5.11. Accessibility Information: The Event is adapted for people with locomotive difficulties, with elevators and access ramps for all areas of the Event. The attractions that take place in the Grande Sala space, the main arena of activities and lectures of the Event, will have simultaneous translation in pounds.

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