The Rio2C Startup Pitching Sessions: a stage full of opportunities for creative minds.

What are they ?
The Startup Pitching Sessions are a Rio2C platform designed to connect Startups and investors. A total of 18 projects will be selected (divided into six different themes, with three projects selected per theme).

Registration Period: March 11th to 29th
Selection Announcement: April 8th

The Startup Pitching Room at the Cidade das Arts will be the venue for participants to present in front of investors and the general public.

Who can participate?
Each private individual or corporate entity is eligible to apply once (select one of the following six themes):

1. MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT: education, gamification, video platform, publicity, social media, VR/AR.

2. BUSINESS OPTIMIZATION: Internet of Things (IoT); SaaS/PaaS; Artificial Intelligence (AI); collaborative economy; e-commerce; cybersecurity; business intelligence – data (data value creation).

3. FINTECH: blockchain/crypto; insurance tech; investments; payments; banking; investment robots.

4. A NEW SOCIETY: Constructech, smartcities, real estate market, clean technology; social and environmental sustainability; wide access to technology; public policies; social issues; innovation system; family services; community.

5. HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: diagnostics; computer visioning for diagnostics; healthtech devices, artificial intelligence for health, wellness and mindfulness; biotech.

6. SUBSISTENCE: Agritech, foodtech (personalized diets, genetic diets, functional food); farmtech; innovation for restaurants and supermarkets.

Please note:

Submitting a project for the Startup Pitching Sessions does not guarantee it will be selected for presentation. All submitted projects will be analyzed by the Rio2C Curatorship Team.

Find out more! Read the regulations and fill out the Registration Form.