Do you want to perform for the audience that can get your career off the ground?
Learn more about the Rio2C Pitching Show.

What is the Pitching Show?
A pocket show in front of top industry names. The Rio2C Music Commission - present at all performances - is composed of members with the will and wherewithal to create exciting opportunities for participating artists. A special audience that can hire you for shows, promote your work, invest in your career, broadcast your song on the radio, and much, much more.

How do I participate in the Pitching Show?
Sign up for free on, send us your material and you could be one of the 16 artists/bands selected by the Rio2C Curatorship Team. The Pitching Show will showcase a series of 30-min performances during Rio2C - Latin America’s leading creativity and innovation event (April 23rd to 28th at the Cidade Das Artes in Rio de Janeiro).


Julio Maria

Estadão de São Paulo

Marcos Vica

Programming Director / Rádio MIX (BR)

Sergio Affonso

Presidente, Warner Music Brasil