What is Rio2C – Rio Creative Conference?

Rio2C is the most important creative forum in Latin America, gathering in the same ecosystem professionals with different skills, cultures, ideas and backgrounds, creating the diverse and multidisciplinary environment necessary for innovation.

Every year, creators, entrepreneurs and professionals from the Audiovisual, Music, Media and Technology industries meet in Rio de Janeiro for six days of learning, networking, business and fun. On top of predicting trends and reflecting market dynamics, Rio2C presents an opportunity to spark creativity and encourage connections among different sectors.

What are the dates and times of the event’s next edition?

Rio2C is from April 23rd to 28th, 2019:

- Summit by Meio & Mensagem: April 23rd, from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

- Market (One-to-One Meetings): April 23rd to 26th, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

- Conference: April 24th to 26th, from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm.

- Festival: April 27th and 28th, from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Does RioContentMarket no longer exist?

Rio2C - Rio Creative Conference expanded RioContentMarket’s activities to become the largest creativity and innovation event in Latin America.

What is the SUMMIT at Rio2C?

The Summit, curated in partnership with Meio & Mensagem, is one full day about Branded Content (April 23rd), with panels happening in three conference rooms simultaneously. Themes include: artificial intelligence, maker culture, games, eSports, diversity, social good, licensing, music, events, among others.

What is the Conference at Rio2C?

The Conference features creators and renowned creative industry professionals in keynote sessions and panels covering themes important to the audiovisual, music, innovation, games, animation and publishing markets. It is an unparalleled opportunity to understand the creative processes of brilliant minds, both national and international. Three intensive days (4/24 to 4/26) and eight different conference spaces.

What is the Market at Rio2C?

More than 1,000 national and international companies will participate in the event, evaluating partnerships from the standpoint of buyers and distributers. The Market at Rio2C offers opportunities through One-to-One Meetings, Pitching sessions and a Business Hall.

How do the One-to-One Meetings work at the Rio2C Market?

Any company accredited in the categories INDUSTRY and INDUSTRY+ can submit its projects to the One-to-One Meetings from December 17th, 2018 to January 17th, 2019.
More than 350 national and international players from the audiovisual industry select projects to be analyzed in individual meetings scheduled for the four days of the Market (April 23rd to 26th, 2019). Each company may submit up to 3 (three) projects and each project may be sent to up to 5 (five) players.

Should a company chose to submit only 1 (one) project, it may be sent to up to 15 players. The schedule of the meetings will be announced by March 22nd, 2019. Each meeting will have a maximum duration of 20 minutes.

The purchase of badges and submission of projects to the One-to-One Meetings does not guarantee that meetings will be scheduled. The selection of the projects is made exclusively by the players.

For more information about the One-to-One Meetings: meetings@rio2c.com

How do Pitching Sessions work at the Rio2C Market?

The Audiovisual Pitching Sessions are an opportunity to present a project to an audience of national and international buyers. Divided into three categories- Documentary, Fiction and Kids-, the sessions are handled by a selection and deliberation commission composed of renowned market professionals. Through a Master Class, the participants receive guidance on how to build a strong presentation. In order to participate, the proponent must acquire an Industry or Industry+ badge and submit his/her project to the One-to-One Meetings between December 17th, 2018 and January 17th, 2019. Before submitting the project, during the online registration process, the proponent must select "YES" to the item "Do you want to participate in the Audiovisual Pitching selection process at Rio2C - RioContentMarket 2019?".
In case the project is selected, the curators of the event will be in touch with the production company.

The Startup Pitching sessions are an opportunity to introduce Brazilian Startups working with VR/AR, Artificial Intelligence, Apps, IoT, Robotics and Blockchain to an audience of investors, angel investors and specialists.

The Pitching Show is a chance for artists and Brazilian bands to perform to a Music Commission - composed by renowned industry professionals, intended to generate business opportunities. In addition to the showcases presented at the pitching sessions, artists have their work broadcast at Rio2C, their songs will be part of the event’s official playlist, and there will be many opportunities to network.

Expo is the new area devoted to showcasing Brazilian Startups in the gaming, animation, audiovisual, VR/AR sectors, various apps, as well as brand activation and experiences.

What is the Festival at Rio2C?

During the weekend, the Festival at Rio2C opens its doors to enthusiasts of creativity and innovation, among them university students and young professionals.

The general public is engaged and the creative industry is unveiled through workshops and lectures with renowned professionals from the audiovisual, music and innovation sectors, as well as through experiences such as: conversations with screenwriters, costume designers, set designers; photography workshop; presentations, online video recording; mixing; percussion; among others. The exhibition area showcases Games, Audiovisual, Virtual Reality and Startups.

XR Arcade is the event’s Virtual Reality festival, including a variety of formats — AR, MR, immersion VR, remote, individual, collective and multidisciplinary, spanning a range of areas: art, games, sensory cinema, experimental theater, medicine and education. With films acclaimed in festivals, Brazilian productions and innovative screenplays, XR Arcade provides interactivity in different formats, non-linear and sensory content, additionally promoting empathy with documentaries that create perennial memories and profoundly connect the spectator to themes.

Marathon Maker is a journey through knowledge, where creators and programmers develop their projects focused on resignifying objects, subverting their everyday uses and attributing new functions to them.

Festivalia is the largest independent musical gathering in Brazil, bringing to the stage artists from all regions, establishing itself as a great showcase of the different musical scenes that happen throughout the country.

Food Trucks will offer a tour of the rich diversity of Brazilian cuisine, including cachaças and craft beers.

When will the event’s schedule be announced?

The complete schedule of the event will be announced in March 2019*.
*Dates subject to change without prior notice.

What is the age rating of the event?

During the Conference & Market (April 23rd to 26th), no-one under 18 shall be admitted. During the Festival (April 27th and 28th), all ages will be admitted, although children 14 and under must be accompanied by a parent or an adult legal guardian.

What are the differences between Rio2C passes and tickets?

The Rio2C passes grant access to the activities at the Conference & Market and the tickets to the Festival.


SUMMIT by Meio & Mensagem – April 23rd, 2019

- full day immersion in the universe of branded content in exclusive sessions with advertising professionals, creators, influencers, artists, brand managers, media channels and producers.

INDUSTRY – April 23rd to 26th, 2019

- Conference and Market - unrestricted access to the Conference and Market, meetings with top global creative industry professionals, submission of projects to the One-to-One Meetings (audiovisual) and Pitching sessions (audiovisual and startup).

INDUSTRY+ - April 23rd to 28th, 2019

Summit, Conference, Market and Festival - Rio2C’s most complete badge, includes all benefits of the Industry badge and additional access to the 6 days of the event.

CREATOR - April 23rd to 26th, 2019

- Conference and Market - provides the unique opportunity to discover the dynamics and trends of the Audiovisual, Music, Innovation, Publishing and Game/Animation markets, observing the most renowned professionals of the global creative industry at work, granting access to the 3 days of the Conference and Market.

CREATOR+ - April 23rd to 28th, 2019

- Summit, Conference, Market and Festival - includes all benefits of the Creator badge and additional access to the 6 days of the event.

FESTIVAL - April 27th and 28th, 2019

- Get an insider’s look at the creative industry, participate in workshops with top professionals, experience XR’s latest trends and enjoy Brazilian music performances at the weekend Festival.

Pitching Show - submit its projects from December 17th, 2018 to January 17th, 2019.

Do BRAVI member companies have a discount when buying Rio2C passes?

Yes, BRAVI member companies may purchase up to 5 Rio2C passes with a 30% discount based on the prices at the date of purchase. The discount is awarded according to the member’s CNPJ.

To get your discount, fill out the coupon number sent to your e-mail in the field PROMOTIONAL CODE (CÓDIGO PROMOCIONAL), select the Rio2C pass of your choice, accept the rules and regulations and click on the purchase button.

Each participant must purchase his/her own Rio2C pass, which is personal and non-transferable. A valid photo ID will be required when issuing the badges at the accreditation booths.
In order to benefit from the discount, the member company must be up to date with its obligations to BRAVI at the date of the purchase until badges are issued.

How can I join BRAVI?

Please get in touch at the following e-mail: bravi@bravi.tv

How can a BRAVI non-member acquire Rio2C passes?

Badges are available at the website: www.rio2c.com/tickets

The participant, whether an individual or a company, must register at the event’s website, www.rio2c.com, filling out the forms with all the required information, being responsible for the veracity and content of all the information provided.

Payment Options:

Payment for the registration may be provided by:

  • Credit Card – in full or in installments.
  • Bank Deposit - Deposit slips will be issued until April 15th, 2019. After this date, all payments must be made using a credit card.

*** In case the deposit slip must include the company’s information, please inform all details upon registration.


In case the purchase must be cancelled, a refund of the value of the badge/ticket will only be processed when requested up to 7 (seven) days after the purchase and as long as the request is presented with at most 48 (forty-eight) hours before the event starts. The request must be made via the e-mail: credenciamento@rio2c.com

  • In case the registration was not received by e-mail, you may access it at any time through your account on Rio2C’s website or by contacting us at credenciamento@rio2c.com
  • Rio2C is not responsible for tickets acquired from non-official points of sale.


  • Transfers of registrations are allowed up to 48 (forty-eight) hours prior to the beginning of the event by e-mailing: credenciamento@rio2c.com

Important information to all participants

  • Rio2C passes/tickets are to be used only by the person named in the registration. It is required to present an original and official photo identification document with the paper or online purchase order.
  • “RIO2C - RIO CREATIVE CONFERENCE” may be filmed, recorded or photographed at the discretion of the event’s production for later publication, transmission, retransmission, reproduction or promotion on TV, cinema, radio, internet, advertisements, and/or any communication vehicles. When registering for the event you authorize the free and unpaid use of your image, name and voice, according to the aforementioned terms, without limitations and without characterizing the improper use of your image and/or any other violation of personality rights, and you agree that from this use there shall not be any onus and/or indemnity, nationally or internationally.
  • Confirmation of the registration is subject to the credit card administrator’s payment authorization or the banks’ confirmation of payment of the deposit slip.
  • Participation in the event’s activities is subject to availability of space in the rooms.
  • The price of badges and tickets does not include transportation, hotel and/or meal costs.
  • There may be alterations in the event’s schedule without prior notice to participants.
  • We request that you verify your company’s anti-spam policies in order to receive all our communications.

Will there be Half-Price tickets?

Half-priced tickets will only be available for the Festival, which is open to the general public.

About the benefits of Half-Price tickets

The half-price benefit is required for educational, sports, leisure or entertainment events. This obligation does not apply to the dates of the Conference, as it is a professional event, focused on the market and on businesses.

The right to half-price tickets is guaranteed by federal and regional laws. Federal laws are applicable throughout the national territory and regional laws are effective only in the territory where they were published. Federal laws currently in effect guarantee the benefit of half-price tickets for senior citizens, students, people with disabilities, and low-income youth aged 14-29. Persons entitled to benefit on the basis of regional laws vary according to the State or Municipality that issued the law.

Upon accessing the event, it is mandatory to present documentation proving the right to the benefit according to the legislation in force.

Half-Price Law

Federal Law nº 12933/2013, also known as Half-Price Law (Lei da Meia-Entrada), guarantees the benefit of half-price payment for students, people with disabilities and young people of low income aged between 15 and 29 years.

Only students enrolled in basic and higher education institutions will enjoy the benefit, as per Título V da Lei no 9.394, de 20.12.1996. The law does not extend the benefit to free courses, such as English and computer science courses.

Persons with disabilities and, when necessary, their companions, are entitled to the benefit. Young people aged 15 to 29 whose monthly family income is up to 02 minimum wages, as long as they are enrolled in the Single Register for Social Programs of the Federal Government (Cadastro Único para Programas Sociais do Governo Federal), can buy the tickets with a 50% discount.

The granting of the right to the Half-Price Tickets is guaranteed in 40% (forty percent) of the total tickets available for each event.

Click on the link for more information on Half-Price Law (Lei da Meia-Entrada) and the Decree (Decreto) that regulates it, the “Lei Estadual (RJ) 3364/2000” and the “Lei Municipal (Rio de Janeiro) 3424/2002”.

Where will Rio2C be hosted?

The event will be hosted at the Cidade das Artes complex (Av. das Américas 5300 – Barra da Tijuca). The building is an imposing architectural project designed by French architect Christian Portzamparc.

How to get to Cidade das Artes*?

By cab or public transportation.
By bus: travel to Terminal Alvorada and follow the underground passageway that takes you inside Cidade das Artes.
By metro + BRT: travel to Estação Alvorada and follow the underground passageway that takes you inside Cidade das Artes.
Entrances: Av. das Américas - direction Recreio dos Bandeirantes or by the underpass (Mergulhinho) at Av. das Américas, direction Zona Sul.

* There will be no parking at the venue.

How will be the access for taxis, Uber and other transportation Apps?

They will be allowed only while dropping off and picking up passengers, through Portão 1 (Av. das Américas).

Does the venue offer wheelchair accessibility?

Yes. Cidade das Artes has access ramps and elevators, accessible places in the showrooms and accessible bathrooms, and constant support will be provided by the reception team. In 2014, Cidade das Artes received from the Municipal Secretary of the Persons with Disabilities (Secretaria Municipal da Pessoa com Deficiência) a certificate endorsing its participation in the ACCESSIBLE RIO Project (Projeto RIO ACESSÍVEL).

Will there be food at the event?

Yes, the event will have a food festival, with food trucks, cafes, food bikes and 2 restaurants.